Not ordinary, more like extraordinary!!

My name is Teddi I'm 18. Ask me questions or ask for advice I'm here to help. Ask for advice if you need it!!! I try to be a good friend so if you need someone I'm here!!! I love meeting new people!!! I love skateboarding, watching movies, hanging with friends, I love the beach, I pretty much love everything. ask me anything to get to know me.

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pupside down


pupside down

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why can’t the pain just go away?

I literally cant take it anymore I should be getting better not getting worse. I wake up hurting more than the day before and it’s to the point I wake up and want to cry

I almost died on Monday.

I was being stupid and was on the good of a car and my gf was trying to protect everyone from hitting the tree and she had to turn but in the process I feel off the hood and hit my head and the rest of my body on the ground. I was bleeding all over my gf and my friends wanted to leave me and just call and ambulance and bring my gf with them but my gf made them take me to the hospital. I was asked question like my name and my birthday date and I knew none of the answers I just kept telling them to bring my girlfriend Savannah in my room… In a time of me almost dying I was only asking for the love of my life. That’s how you know who stole your heart and if you have more questions feel free to ask them anonymously or with your name and I’ll make them private.